Achieve Social and Economic Growth for Your Travel Business


India’s online travel segment is on a rise. Online booking companies for hotels, trains, flight, cars etc are simplifying the lives of Indian travellers through technological innovations, research and analysis of the market. Experts believe that travel business in India is all set to grow and take over the market. In this scenario where most of the travel related bookings are done through the internet, many travel agencies are getting their online portal developed. Axissoftech, a travel portal development company has made it easier for clients to get an online travel portal developed for their agencies to cope up with the change in trends.

At Axissoftech, clients are properly guided and assisted to fulfil their needs. They provide end to end solutions to the problems of their clients and help their business to achive a new level in the industry. Axis softech has expertise in all kinds of products like B2C, B2B and B2E. The company provides customised products to suit every client’s need and requirement. At Axissoftech, you can find all travel technology solutions under one roof. The company also provides 24*7 support system to deal with every kind of problem of their clients. Axis softech is backed by a skilled group of professionals who are able and experienced enough to deal with the clients. Started in the year 2005, Axis softech has grown over years and has become the best travel portal development company in India, serving over a thousand plus clients and agencies.

Axis softech, through years of dedication and handwork has designed ‘SAFARI’ which is an integrated product with numerous range of travel portals available for the clients. At, clients can go through a wide variety of unique products available for developing an online portal; the best thing is that the products are customized for different purposes and different clients. If you are a company which needs to transform into hi tech online portal, Axis softech is the right place for your business needs. Every operation at Axissoftech takes place under the supervision of a dedicated team who ensures that the requirements are fulfilled. showcases a number of products that one can choose for their business model. All the products available at are highly flexible and are made according to the client’s budget and requirement. The ‘SAFARI’ is a product developed by the company to ensure that their clients get exactly what they want. The company’s model is flexible and will help many travel businesses to achieve social and economic growth.



About Axis Softech Pvt Ltd

Axis Softech Pvt. Ltd is a leading Travel Technology Company, offers Travel Portal Development solutions and online travel products, which are customized according to needs of travel agents and companies.
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