The Impact of Travel Technology in Online Travel Business

The rise of computer in later half of the 20th century left many to think that they would be jobless, but what we see, the computer technology has greatly revolutionized the life of mankind. The same is true for travel technology. According to Questex Travel Group, in spite of continuous pressure from third parties and direct vendor having more access to travelers, travel agents have accomplished almost 77% of the cruise bookings, 55%of air travels and 73% of travel package bookings. According to a research, the growth and advancement in technology have helped to enhance the communication, convenience, productivity, speed of business and marketing.

Travel technology is the application of information technology in the field of travel, tour and hospitality. Travel means to go one place to another, so it is associated with computer reservation system (CRS). The system restore data related to air travel, car rental, hotels and others, the data is retrieved whenever it is required for conducting transactions. The major CRS transactions for booking and selling tickets for multiple airlines are called Global Distribution System (GDS). Although earlier it was developed by airlines to make the work easy but nowadays it is mostly used by OTA (online travel agent).

Application of Internet has greatly affected the way of working of travel agents and their intermediaries. The development of specialized portal (vertical portal) has greatly helped to redefine the travel business. This has led to the formation of many last minute online portals which can organize and distribute distressed inventories to the clients. The application of ecommerce by the airways companies have allowed the customers to directly access the reservation system. Now a customer can search various flights before booking a flight of his/her choice.  Internet has facilitated the customers to access the service 24×7. The technology has made possible for travel agents to keep themselves in touch with their clientele through various mediums like mobile devices.  They can contact them whenever they want. We can aptly said that travel technology change the whole face of travel business, now travel agencies are represented by a system that is controlled by technology.

The way of searching and booking travel deals have witnessed a lot of change in last decade. The trend shows that there is a clear cut growth of OTAs and usage of travel technology solutions. Online Travel agencies (OTAs) wants to make their works 100% online starting from the consultation required for IATA license, to GDS and APIs access.


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Axis Softech – A Pioneer in the Travel and Tourism World

travel portal solutions.jpg

To be in the virtual world needs both experience and knowledge to rule the market through computer and internet. If you are going to own a travel and tourism company with your own website and app you surely can hire any other company to design and develop the same for you. But for the maintenance of the website in the later on phase you obviously need to have some IT professionals in your workforce. Else getting maintenance on an emergency basis will be a tough job. And if the website of your company is down even for an hour it will surely have a bad impact on your business. This is where Axis Softech has got an upper hand. They have a strong IT background having worked as an IT company for a long period. Later on the management decided to invade the travel and tourism industry. Their passion for this branch of business and to serve people better is what has helped Axis Softech to reach the pinnacle of success.

Infact this IT background of the company has helped it to build a FRANCHISE model which has become a big success. The products developed in Axis Softech have robust built with self maintenance facilities and this leads to be a big attraction. Axis Softech has got a huge customer base and thus have managed to successfully sell their Franchise model to more than 125 companies in the country. All these companies have been provided with the superior quality product developed by Axis Softech known as Axis Safari with the facilities of total maintenance, up gradation of software and travel services. The professionals working in Axis Softech are knowledgeable and certified people who are believed to be the best in their respective fields and have proven the fact in many occasions. They have worked on numerous projects which has given them the required experience.

Axis Softech believes in a saying that the company is better to have deep roots than branches. It makes the company grow strong and well. And it is possibly one of the primary reasons why Axis Softech has not got any competition in the market. Till date Axis Softech has a record capitalization of over 70+ and it is believed that with the promising growth of the company this figure will even grow bigger in the future. Axis Softech has strong principles on which the company works. They want to bring revolution in the travel and tourism industry and have brought the same using their SAFARI products. They are also involved in many social welfare projects like SAVE TIGER through which they educate the people about the importance of maintaining a healthy wildlife.

Right now Axis Softech is indulged in designing travel portals with the help of modern and cutting edge technologies with added features like no one else. These travel portals and other similar products designed by Axis Softech prove to be a boon for various budding companies who aim to enter the Virtual world and make it big. Therefore right now Axis Softech is not a Full fledged travel and tourism company. But they have all the required setup, work force and potential to make it as big as travel giants like, and  Axis Softech next targets to join the league of these travel giants through their franchise models like B2C, B2B and B2E. They want to empower economic & social growth along with self dependence as a brand, for all kinds of travel companies globally, by infusing the blood of technology in the veins of Travel & Tourism by advancement of the system and user accessibility through their consistent technological innovation and up gradations. They try to lift up budding companies to a level so that they can compete with their global peers in time to come. Similarly the company itself is trying and will surely be a big hit in the near future.

With their tremendous inertia and efficiency to bring a project to its successful launch, maintaining it thereafter by onsite, offsite, online and so on Axis Softech has a promising future. They are going to have a huge turn over annually as a travel giant. Axis Softech has a high reputation in the market and also high demand because they are known to be the masters in customizing the products as per the needs and requirements of their clients. Given a minimum 5 working days period they can setup the website for your company and take you live online in the shortest time period possible. They have engineered the successfully automation of different organizations and related operations with best of their inputs. Is it defining the business model, process functions, cost analysis, vendor selection, consultancy or designing and developing a customized solution, their services fit deemed to it?

People choose Axis Softech for various reasons like they give best fare and best commission industry wide. Axis Softech has their professionals working all round the clock and therefore it is pretty easy to get any service from them whenever you require. Their SAFARI product comes with car, hotel, flight and bus booking facilities with attractive holiday packages. Axis Softech also has the provision of integrating your business interface with their model and build a travel portal of your choice. They value for the money spent by their customers and therefore never compromise with the quality of service that they provide. They have in store API integrated nine ranges of products and can offer you anyone as per your budget. They provide one stop solution to all travel related issues under one roof with vast experience of travel portal development of over 10 years. Till date over 70 companies and travel agents have got service from Axis Softech and have praised the products with the added features. Axis Softech has a bright future and is seen to be an upcoming successful leader in the travel and tourism industry.


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Going Online and Making Tourism Cake Walk For the Corporate World


Have you been given the job to organize every amenity for the international tour to be held by your company? Are you clueless as what bookings should be done for senior people and how to treat the juniors? There may be many like you who are facing the same dilemma. Well a good news for you all. Axis Softech has brought the first business to enterprise version of travel software that will help you come across all the above mentioned hurdles. Infact Axis Softech is the only company selling B2E travel portals to their clients. The name of the product is Axis Safari B2E. It is a unique product loaded with features that people might not have seen before.

Today in our daily busy schedules planning a flawless tour or trip and then making the required arrangements become easier if the whole job can be done online. A huge part of the population of the country has access to smart phone, computer and internet. Therefore if given a chance to book Flight, train, cab or hotel beforehand sitting right in your home or in your cabin in the office – what a pleasure it will be. And this is exactly what the travel and tourism companies are doing in today’s date. They use the different e-travel management tools that are perfect for online booking. Axis Safari B2E is a similar kind of e-travel management tools designed exclusively for Corporate Travel Agents or can utilized by directly for the Corporate. This B2E product is equipped to serve corporate clients with over 50 employees company and up to strength of 20000 employees. This corporate travel software combines all ‘live inventories’ worldwide with scheduled corporate Flight fares including low-cost carriers, as well as live domestic & international Hotels, Bus, Car & Holiday packages. Another remarkable feature of this travel portal is that it can support multiple branches globally.

Axis Softech has a huge customer base all praise to the different and super efficient travel portals that they design and develop. They are a boon for the small and budding travel agencies and also for the ones who are trying to make an entry in the virtual world but do not have the proper resources. All the travel portals designed in Axis Softech has great user friendly and smooth working interfaces with a robust structure that is unlikely to give you any major trouble while using them daily. Since the Axis Safari B2E travel portal comes with Consolidated Travel services like- Flights, Hotels, Bus, Car therefore it is a one stop shop for all the facilities that you as a travel agent may need.  This Business to Enterprise Portal Product is developed with several strong User Metrics; to govern the limit and activities defined by Admin for certain profile like VP, GM, Sales Manager etc. depends on the organizational norms for their hierarchies.

Already this Axis Softech product has gained a huge popularity in the market primarily because of its ease of use. This travel product facilitates the employees to book the ticket for their business trip or for personal uses, the moment it gets booked user receives PNR on Mobile and ticket on mail. An admin can review the entire booking or vouchers generated by any specific user or by a division or by a specific Branch or by the complete organization on a particular date or between two dates, including its accounting measures and can redefining the limits and policies.

Axis Softech also customized the travel portals as per the need of the client and therefore you can have your own and exclusive travel portal different from all others. If you have your own API then Axis Softech will see to it that you can integrate it with the robust travel portal that they are offering thereby giving you a far superior quality service as compared to their competitors. Axis safari B2E can serve very large enterprises, corporate and companies which manage bookings of all employees and other staff of organization. It is a world class system and is in high demand in the market. The product is easily scalable with different level of hierarchies which provide easiness for Enterprises for Bookings of its number of employees and defines escalation matrix within the organization. Travel agents nowadays are mostly going for this corporate travel portal because they help to expand their travel business rapidly by offering various services to the sub agent network.

Economic times has covered exclusive article in their edition, quoting director of the company Mr.  Gyanesh Kumar, complementing the amazing product of Axis Softech developed for Corporate. Owing to the ever increasing demand of this particular travel portal it is obvious that they are liked by the customers. They are best fit for all Corporate with substantial in-house travel needs and have been adopted by various Indian MNCs who have similar needs. They give instant Hotel Voucher, Air, Bus, Car and Tour Ticket Generation. It is very easy to set up this travel portal and you can go online in no time taking you business to new heights and earning unimaginable profits. You can ask for advance approval matrix set by admin anytime. Be itself search, defined limit or entitlement, the system does everything automatically. There is the provision to get auto Email Module – On any kind of booking, cancellation and auto SMS Module for Flight, Hotel, Car, Bus, packages. Axis Softech has professionals who work tirelessly to reach the goal and can take your travel business LIVE on internet in just 5 days. The sweetener of the deal is free 24 X 7 Booking Support & Tech Support. You as travel agent can also help your friends with flight and package search by sending them the results through email. Axis safari B2E comes with Payment Gateway integration for Employees personal Booking. In short Axis safari B2E is the magic tool you need to raise high in corporate travel management world and make it big.

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B2B Travel Solutions for Travel Agency in Gurgaon


Yesteryear’s dusty village of Gurgaon has transformed into a big city having third highest per capital income in India. Gurgaon has got the honor to be called Millennium City and it witnessed the presence of 50% or 250 Fortune companies. Companies like coca cola, Pepsi and BMW has made Gurgaon their Indian Corporate Headquarters. The presence of large numbers of companies opens the door for travel companies to do their business profitably. Axis Softech Pvt Ltd is a travel technology development company based in New Delhi. We have experience of more than ten years in integrating 100+ travel portals.  As Gurgaon is near to Delhi, we have offered complete B2B travel Solutions in Gurgaon at cheapest rate. Our travel booking portals for Flight, Hotels, Cars, Tour packages, etc in B2B segment is a beautiful piece of work for doing online business.

Axis Safari B2B is one of the best products for online B2B travel solutions in Gurgaon for those travel agents/agencies who want to expand their business and keep their presence among other small travel agents. Here owner can add a number of agents and has right to manage commissions from these agents and other financial transactions. Here you can also avail the facility of entering the special offer, enabling your travel partners to use them to promote their business. Promotional offers help you in generating demand and increasing sales.

The demand of B2B travel portal is surging in India and abroad—this shows travel business has great future ahead. If you are engaged in travel business and want to increase your business on large scale, come to us without thinking twice. The beginners are also welcomed. We have a vast experience in domain of travel and tourism industry so we can able to insight your requirement to develop online travel solutions accordingly. Our online Travel Solutions have revolutionized the travel business on B2B platform to enrich the travel industry greatly .Axis Softech provide both customized and ready-made product.

Some essential features a travel agency offering B2B Solutions should have:

  • Both National and International flight and hotel booking
  • Car rental and bus ticket booking
  • Travel insurance
  • Different logins for users and agents
  • Online payment system through secured payment gateway
  • Confirmation of booking through SMS, email and by call
  • Cancellation option and its further refund
  • Money exchange offer
  • Manage commissions for agents
  • 24x7x365 online booking support
  • Easy segregation of booking made by end-users and re-sellers


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B2B Portal for Travel Agents in Himachal Pradesh


State of Himachal Pradesh is well known travel destination in India. Tourists from the entire world came here to witness and enjoy the beauty of the Nature. B2B travel portal is business to business model for the online travel portal agents. B2B portal for travel agents in Himachal is specially designed for those agents who provide services for the tourists wishing to visit the different tourist places in Himachal. B2B portal is online booking engine with flights, hotels, sights, tour packages and other travel related modules for travel agents. It can be called as internet booking engine (IBE) which works as aggregators and distributors of information of flights, cars, hotels, etc to global B2B clients thus they could able to search and go for online booking. The B2B travel portal software could be integrated with GDS (Amadeus, Sabre) and third party APIs/XMLs and LCCs.

The potential of online travel business is surging year after year. The contribution of tourism sector in our GDP has increased significantly so we can dream for a bright future of online travel business in India. It is estimated that travel business of India will touch the USD 40billion by 2020. Tourism sector is major contributor in the economy of Himachal Pradesh. Axis Softech is developing and designing B2B portal for Travel agent in Himachal that can enable agents to do business efficiently and swiftly. B2B portal enables the agents to add more and more agents/agencies so that they could reach the maximum number of customers thus generating handsome revenue for their business. Now most of the offline travel agents/agencies are associated to OTA. These travel agencies have sought integration with B2B panel of online travel agents (OTAs) in their businesses. Now customers book ticket from OTA rather than going for traditional offline travel agents.

Axis Safari B2B is an excellent product for B2B business operators and travel agents. The product has successfully tested by too many travel agents and has all the functionalities to cater the operations starting from one agent to more than 1000 agents globally. Axis Safari B2B software enables master agent (owner) and other subagents to book tickets for flights, hotels, buses, cars and tour packages.

Some important features of B2B portal for Travel agent in Himachal:

  • Admin can create unlimited Distributors
  • Distributor can create unlimited Agents under him
  • Admin can shift agent from one distributor to another
  • A separate login for Accounts
  • Instant Hotel Voucher, Air, Bus, Car Ticket Generation
  • Online Cancellation & Refund with Good Commission-structure
  • Excellent Markup & Discount Module
  • IP Tracked, PIN Login & PIN Change
  • Password Management
  • 24 X 7 Reporting System
  • Easy Commission Distribution System
  • 24 X 7 Free Booking Support & Tech Support
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Importance and Use of Online Bus Booking System

bus reservation system.jpg

Journey by bus was not preferred earlier due to lack of luxurious buses, poor road infrastructure and inefficient system of booking tickets. We had to stand in long queue to purchase tickets that was tiring and time consuming. Ticket booking on telephone was also difficult because it remained busy or out of service most of the time. Now plenty of luxurious buses are providing services to the travelers thanks to wide network of road infrastructure and an online ticketing system.

Online ticketing system, better to call Bus Reservation System is automated system to purchase online bus tickets. It keeps the record of the each passenger including details of schedule of each bus. With this system you can also schedule routes, set seat availability and upload an interactive seat map that help customers to select their seats. By using this software we can reserve tickets sitting anywhere via internet or through telephone.  You can check the availability of bus suitable for you and further book the seat of their choice.

Axis Softech provides Bus booking portal development service to travel agents and agencies who want to start their own travel portal. Our Bus booking portal has functions like creation of route, allocation of routes to different vendors and different buses, seat selection, booking, etc.  Vendor Management System is one of the largest modules here, using it the admin can create one and more vendors who can create, add, update and delete the buses on different available routes they like. Both Admin as well as vendor could prepare the routes but it is solely depend upon the choice of owner of the portal.

Axis Softech also provides you Bus reservation System integration on your portal which will be powered by any API provider. The Bus Booking engine is also integrated with payment gateway and reporting system. The reporting system will enable to view the reports like bus availability, booking status of each bus, total booked seats date wise, total seats booked route wise, transaction mode, etc.

Apart from providing booking facility to the tourists, our online bus ticket booking software has some other features which make the whole configuration of solution elegant and attractive. The solution is customized as per the required of the users.

Some important features of Bus Reservation System are:

  • Booking notification through email or SMS
  • Convey users about the cancellation of the journey or promotions and all
  • Manages all the daily service accounts
  • Alerts to passengers for blocked and unblocked seats
  • Dynamic ticket pricing system that provides increase or decrease of the ticket pricing for any day
  • Discounts can be provided to direct customers


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Travel Agency Software for Online Travel Business

travel agency software

Travel technology has been greatly revolutionized the travel business round the globe. It is expected that in coming years the number of air travelers may touch the 4 billion marks globally. The prospect of travel business is very bright in a developing country like India. Role of travel agency software is very significant to provide momentum in travel business. It is a web based travel booking system mainly used by OTA (online travel agency). They are travel companies which complete most of their bookings online. The software includes online hotel booking software, flight booking software, travel agency software and other software related to travel.

The travel technology companies have been mushrooming in the market owing the growth of travel business. But very few companies are capable to fulfill your expectation and need. The important features that a travel agency software company can provide you include travel portal development, payment gateway, SMS gateway, confirmation voucher, etc.  Apart from above, before selecting the right company one should likely to go through the credentials of the developing company—total experience, number of project delivered, number of hotel API and GDS integrated on the projects, etc. Our company Axis Softech Pvt Ltd has been working in this field for many years. Our experienced and industrious software techies work hard and always ready to fulfill the commitment on time. We offer most advanced travel agency software solutions for travel agencies small and big at affordable cost. Our products and services are capable to boost your sales and can extend the database of your customers and network of your sub agents in short period of time. Travel booking solutions provided by Axis Softech is not only meant for selling of travel products online but also for work inside of your company.

Travel agency software will prove economically viable for the travel website promoting hotel, resorts, villas, apartments, etc.  The travel software is designed and developed for tour and travel operators so that they could make reservation for travelers and make payment against them via online payment gateway. The Customers enjoy the online availability check, instant purchase of services and auto-generated email confirmation. .  Our software will provide you with XML integration of different suppliers and enable to aggregate all the resources into a single hub so that it could be presented in a uniform way to users.

Travel agent booking software enables you to make bookings through internet sitting anywhere without any intervention of third party. We provide tailor-made service that can accelerate your business. This system displays existing bookings, agent’s credit limits; allow making new bookings, cancellation, splitting booking, refund, etc.


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Airline Ticketing Software and Flight Reservation System

airline-reservation-systemWe are living in the age of technology; today’s almost all the industries are using the technology to carry out their business. Airline Industry is one of such industries that introduced software technology for reservation of air ticket in early fifties. Online ticketing system has transformed the traditional system of booking ticket through travel agents. The system has been beneficial for travel management companies and users. The automated system has made job easier for travel agents and at the same time providing a lot of options for the users. The introduction of GDS in Airline Industry has transformed the Airline ticketing software. Global Distribution System (GDS) is a network operated by a company that enables automated transaction between travel service providers and travel agencies. Online airline ticketing system backed by GDS including Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre and travelport.

A World Bank data shows that 3.441billion passengers traveled internationally in 2015 and it is growing further. The growing trend of “passengers take off” is good news for travel companies but at the same time they have to face some challenges such as how to sell maximum number of tickets, brand loyalty, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Axis Softech has developed the Air Ticketing Software which is capable to counter the above challenges. Travel agencies use Air Ticketing Software where the customers and sub agencies search and reserve flight deals online. Almost all the airline companies have implemented this either in the form of ARS (airline reservation system) or in connection with GDS system. In ARS, inventory of airlines are not shared to outer sources but GDS system. All flights with their available seats are shown in Airline inventory.

Main features of the Air ticketing Software:

  • An automated airline booking engine with 24×7 support system.
  • A smart and intuitive user-interface
  • Support multiple languages and multiple currencies
  • The process of searching flight and further processing of reservation is very swift
  • E-mail notification regarding booking, cancellation, and flight delayed.
  • Seamless integration with the payment gateway of Airline Company.
  • Mobile-friendly ticket booking system
  • Some of the airline reservation software is accompanied with the feature of social media application, which acts as additional marketing channel for promoting the brand image of the airline company.
  • Appealing banners are available for advertisement purpose.

If you are looking for airline ticketing software with GDS integration or willing to start a travel agency of your own at reasonable cost, come to us, we are always ready to transform your dream in realty.


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Benefits of Online Recharge Portal Development Services


“Online recharge” business is gaining momentum day-by-day because people is too much busy with their work, they want to recharge their devices like mobile, DTH, Data card sitting in their home or office. Mobile, TV, internet, etc have entered in all sphere of our society. Many small and big companies have come in this field to take the benefit of growing market.

Axis Softech is one of the best online recharge portal development company that provide up to date mobile /DTH recharge API solution available in the market. We provide all kind of prepaid mobile recharge and DTH recharge solutions to our customers. Mobile Recharge Portal enables you to capture the market directly from the clients looking for online recharge. You can carry out   mobile, DTH and Data Card recharges easily without any trouble. E-recharge API in back support of Mobile Recharge Portal enables you to execute all prepaid and postpaid bill payments. Mobile recharge Portal is integrated with online payment gateway to get payments from clients. You can also customize Mobile recharge portal based on your needs and requirements. What is E-recharge API? It is a Master API which empowered your business fast with quick and easy recharge options. It is a bundle of more than 15 Mobile Recharge API which works at the rate of 3 to 6 sec/recharge.

Our online recharge portal development service also provides Online recharge API, Mobile recharge software that make easy to recharge of Mobile, DTH, Data card services instantly. We also provide impeccable recharging services for prepaid mobile /DTH and Data card for your customers. We provide one of the best and latest Multi Recharge Website Solutions available internationally in recharging solutions. We make your Recharge Portal website economically viable and beneficial without compromising its efficiencies. We are trying our best to introduce latest technological trends so that we could always provide first-rate Multi Recharge Website solutions to our clients. If you want to start your own online recharge business, come to us without any delay. We will provide strong base to establish and grow your business without any big investment.

Main features of online recharge portal development services:

  • Recharge available for both prepaid and postpaid mobile services
  • Instant recharge for all service providers
  • Multiple products recharge with single balance
  • Maximum commission
  • Simple and reliable authentication
  • Immediate credits of margin
  • Maximum margins in DTH, mobile & ISP
  • Balance alert for balance enquiry
  • New products-auto assign in API


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Some Key Points of Tour Operator Reservation Software

A tour operator is basically meant for providing holiday package by combining the different components of tour and travel. The tour operator manages flight, hotel and transfer from airport to hotel, sightseeing, excursion and many more to the tourists. Tour operator software is designed and developed to cover the above components. It is an online travel e commerce portal that assists in online distribution of tour packages, hotel inventory, transfer, etc. This software can be fully customized with integration with travel related APIs like hotel API, car API and payment gateway. Thus a tourist could able to customize his travel plans and bookings of flight, hotel and transfer.

Axis Softech designs tour booking portal to match the needs of tour operators on affordable price. Our tour operator software helps you to increase your customers reach, ROI and your system infrastructure. We deliver our service in stipulated time to maintain wholesome relation with the clients. Our Booking portals are easy to navigate, are enriched with interactive design, cheap holiday package and corporate package. The USP of our tour Package Portals is affordable flight booking, Holiday Packages of famous destination worldwide, instant booking of tickets and many more features can be added to portals. We provide a unique user ID and password to our clients for booking the tour packages easily. This tour operator software is integrated with secured payment gateway for the payment of booked tickets. You can also cancel the ticket just a click of mouse and the refund will be credited to your account within a fixed time.

With tour reservation system you can also get additional travel portal module, financial management module and on-line integrated e commerce module. We design our products for small, medium and large tour operators who have complex business. By using our products you can multiply your sales and extend the database within a short time period. Integration of our technological solutions in your company significantly decreases the working staff and increases the sales and profit. Web based reservation system for internet sales and client based solutions for use of staff and call center are provided by our company.

Silent features of Tour portal developed by Axis Software:

• Domestic and International Packages at affordable prices

• Integration of all Tour Package Providers

• Affordable Holiday and other packages for Every Class

• Easy Tour Package Bookings

• User Interactive Tour Portals

• Creative and Attractive Designs Tour Portals

• Easy to navigate all destinations Packages

• Auto Cancellation of Holiday Packages

• All dynamic modules in Tour Portal

• 24×7 Booking Support


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